Equipment leasing
Equipment leasing

Advantages of Leasing

Always work with the latest equipment

Manage your money and control cash flow

Customize your payment plans and buyouts

Secure preferred rates from Merrithew® Pilates leasing partners

Buyout or exchange options available

Tax deductible

Lease-to-own with end-of-term buyouts as low as 1€

Add new equipment or launch your studio with manageable monthly payments

Use the buy out option and own your equipment for as low as $1 at the end of your payment term

Find out your estimated monthly lease payments

Example of monthly payment schedules

ProductPrice (USD)36-month term24-month term
SPX® Max Plus Reformer$5,699$203$289
V2 Max Plus Reformer$7,199$257$375
One-on-One Studio Bundle$10,299$359$499
Complete Studio Package – SPX® Max$24,499$805$1,262

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