Advantages of Leasing

Always work with the latest equipment

Manage your money and control cash flow

Customize your payment plans and buyouts

Secure preferred rates from Merrithew® Pilates leasing partners

Buyout or exchange options available

Tax deductible

Lease-to-own with end-of-term buyouts as low as 1€

Add new equipment or launch your studio with manageable monthly payments

Use the buy out option and own your equipment for as low as $1 at the end of your payment term

Find out your estimated monthly lease payments

Example of monthly payment schedules

ProductPrice (USD)36-month term24-month term
SPX® Max Plus Reformer$5,699$203$289
V2 Max Plus Reformer$7,199$257$375
One-on-One Studio Bundle$10,299$359$499
Complete Studio Package – SPX® Max$24,499$805$1,262

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