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Create and scale your dream studio

Provide your group and private clients with an unforgettable fitness experience with our cutting-edge Pilates equipment.

“I trained on Merrithew® equipment and it’s like the Mercedes of Pilates equipment. Quality does make a big difference to your workouts. You can really feel the tension and resistance from the springs; it provides greater feedback than other machines I’ve tried, and Merrithew Reformers are incredibly sturdy and durable, which is what you need as a business owner.”

“STOTT PILATES ® is the best training out there. It’s a well-structured and thorough program, the manuals are great, and the Instructor Trainers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate. STOTT PILATES is for everyone from all backgrounds. You learn to teach people of all ages, levels and demographics. It really is fitness for all.”

Laura Wilson
Founder and Owner · Natural Pilates
Los Angeles, California

“We service an elite clientele in an affluent neighborhood, and our boutique studio is outfitted entirely in Merrithew® equipment.”

“We only buy Merrithew equipment and we only hire STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors to ensure our clients get the highest caliber equipment and the best instruction in the industry.”

Carlo Yanez
Director, Master Instructor and Registered Osteopath · Core Kensington
London, England

“When you see and use Merrithew® equipment, you can tell that it stands out from other equipment on the market.”

“Our goal is to provide the best experience possible to our clients, and this pro-level equipment allows us to do that. Our clients recognize the Merrithew brand as the top Pilates brand in the industry. It is my pleasure and honor to partner with Merrithew.”

Silvia Dagyeom Song
Founder · Via Pilates
Busan, South Korea

“When I was introduced to Pilates in 1992 during my rehab from a car accident, I used Merrithew® equipment. It was the first professional Pilates equipment I’d tried and I feel married to it now.”

“Merrithew equipment is durable, versatile and adaptable from person to person with different resistance tensions and heights available. Merrithew Reformers offer all the functionality you would want and expect from a high-end Reformer. ”

Anita Ivic
Founder and Studio Owner · Imprint Pilates
Toronto, Canada

“Merrithew® provides durability along with versatility in its equipment. The high quality and ongoing innovation of Merrithew equipment allows us as a studio to continue to evolve our methodology and approach to fitness education.”

“From the hundreds of workshops that are available to the rigorous yet accessible certification programs, STOTT PILATES® Education cultivates highly qualified fitness professionals in all specialties, such as sports conditioning and rehab. This allows us to meet the lofty expectations of our clientele.”

Erin Her
Executive Director of THE FIT Co. and Merrithew® Instructor Trainer · Pilates The Fit
Seoul, South Korea


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