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Empower your guests to achieve optimal health and wellness

Complete your guests’ luxury lifestyle experience with our premium Pilates and mind-body equipment that’s sought after by celebrities, athletes and influencers.

"Any instructor or client who’s used Merrithew® equipment at our studio has absolutely loved it, and Pilates Italia, Merrithew’s equipment distributor in Italy, is excellent to work with."

"The overall aesthetic of the equipment greatly complements our studio’s soft look. After opening in Spring 2018, we quickly had clients from Europe and North America booking well into 2019 and beyond."

Shell Bern
Owner · Pilates in Piemonte
Canelli, Asti, Italy

"We are proud to partner with Merrithew® and its premier brand STOTT PILATES® as it is globally recognized as being the safest and most effective method available."

"Working with Merrithew is seamless. Flexibility and adaptability are important in any customer-driven business and are key to keeping our business fresh and exciting."

Jo Bullock
Spa Director · Stanley House
Mellor, Lancashire, England

“"The Claremont Club Pilates studio is proud to have only Merrithew® apparatuses. We’ve found that Merrithew equipment is of the highest quality in the industry."

Layne Garner
Pilates Director · Claremont Club
Claremont, California, USA


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