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Professional sports teams, clubs and athletes


Prepare your athletes for peak performance

Be among the professional sports teams, clubs and athletes around the world who use our equipment for conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

"I personally think Merrithew® equipment is the best. The quality craftsmanship is obvious in how sturdy, smooth and substantial it is. I like how efficient and functional it is as well, the gears, handles, straps— everything makes sense."

"The demand for Pilates Reformer classes at Interlachen Country Club was so high, we had to purchase two more Merrithew Reformers (for a total of six) and hire two more Pilates instructors. We will continue to refine our class schedule with future additions of mat, Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder, small equipment and foam roller classes."

Mary Ann Dobesh
Pilates Specialist · Interlachen Country Club
Edina, Minnesota, USA

"Merrithew® equipment merges the classic Reformer design with upgraded ease in the streamlined rails, footbar and floating carriage."

"This design allows our trainers to move clients with more ease through their exercises and has a user-friendly approach. I've worked on a variety of other Pilates equipment and Merrithew equipment is, by far, the top of its class."

"Becoming a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in 2003, I have a lot of faith in the education system. It provides the strongest foundation of knowledge, with its emphasis on the original method combined with an updated understanding of the human body."

Colleen Naus
Co-owner · pillarPERFORMANCE
Encinitas, California, USA

"As the CEO of a football agency for the past 25 years, I've worked with thousands of professional athletes in the NFL (National Football League). There's a considerable demand for Pilates Reformer and mindful movement exercise programs, which is especially important for mobility and injury prevention."

"Merrithew® equipment is the best quality and can accommodate all of my athletes' size and weight ranges. I recommend it to all my clients who want to improve their game. As a user of Merrithew's programming and Reformers, it's totally and completely changed my life for the better. I recommend it to everyone, every chance I get."

David Cantor
CEO · DEC Management
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


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