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Rehab and health care


Provide a holistic approach to patient care

Build a multipurpose health care facility and diversify your revenue stream with Pilates equipment.

"Merrithew® helped me further my goals and dreams for my business. It’s a one-stop shop for education and equipment."

STOTT PILATES® is an ideal complement to Inspire Health’s physical therapy practice because of its emphasis on quality movement, neuromuscular re-education and body awareness."

Sara Baker
Founder, Merrithew® Rehab Instructor Trainer · Inspire Health
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Merrithew® equipment is very high quality and allows for a wide variety of training methods. This is a tremendous advantage in attracting customers looking for Pilates and mind-body exercise."

"Merrithew has educational training centers around the world that connect and engage STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors. This gives Physio Spatium a sense of belonging to a family. We’re able to continually update our expertise with education to grow our teaching techniques and careers."

Jiyu Park
Owner and CEO · Physio Spatium Pilates
Seoul, South Korea

"The quality of Merrithew® equipment increases our clients’ confidence in our professionalism."

"Clients often comment on how smoothly the equipment performs during workouts. The equipment’s spring tension is especially well-designed, helping clients build up their strength and flexibility step-by-step."

Jennifer Peng
Co-founder · SmartCare Pilates Studio
Taipei, Taiwan


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