Invest in developing an internal team of highly trained instructors and generate new revenue through Pilates training and education.

Let Merrithew help you deliver high quality instructor training, certification courses and continuing education workshops on-site at your facility and from our diverse range of fitness modalities. Develop your instructors’ skills while generating a new revenue stream for your business.

Host Merrithew® training


01. Generate additional revenue

With the freedom to set your own enrollment prices, you could potentially cover the cost of training your own staff while also generating a profit for your business (Six registered participants are typically required)

02. Improve staff retention

Bring your instructors to a whole new level of excellence with Merrithew’s quality education and training. By supporting your staff’s development, you’ll improve staff retention and loyalty. Plus, your instructors can train at a fraction of the regular cost with no additional expenses for travel or accommodation

03. Diversify your programming

Meet clients’ changing needs and interests by offering a diverse range of programming. Keep your staff updated on the latest advances in mindful movement, exercise science and choreography, so they can keep their classes fresh for new and existing clients

04. Flexible and convenient

Save money and time by hosting Pilates training and education. Our courses can be adapted to weekday or weekend modules to fit participants’ busy schedules. Simply handle the course registration and promote it with our assistance, and we’ll do the rest

Marketing support

Our professional photography assets visually define our brand’s premium training and equipment. We’re happy to share our images to help you promote Merrithew training to your community. We will also promote your training on the Merrithew social channels and website


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